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Zaintoon House

Best Biryani in Town

At Zaitoon House we pride ourselves with the ability to offer our customers delicious and authentic South Asian food, created at the highest standards. Every single meal we make is unique. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

A Few Words About Us

The Supreme South Asian Restaurant

There is nothing more sincere than the divine food love, the south Asian restaurant ‘Zaitoon house is delighted to serve all food lovers with auspicious, flavoursome South Asian cuisine. The inspiration for Zaitoon house is chef ‘Ruqsana’- a talented, passionate and highly motivated individual. Living in Chicago a place of dreams not only motivated her to structure her passion but also have paved way for Zaitoon house.  She has proven her worth in augmenting the Hyderabadi ethnic flavors all the way from Southern part of India to Chicago.

Renowned cook for more than 20 years she has an indomitable spirit and love for food, which has inspired her on this enduring journey. To start with ‘Biryani’, which has always been a major success and speciality, a dish which represents her hard work and impeccable strong will. No doubt every bite you take will make you feel the freshness and will take you to the land of Hyderabad.

Why Choose Us

Zaitoon House is the best place for yum-tum, where every meal is prepared from finest and purest high quality ingredients. So relinquish your taste buds with our mouth-watery and lip-smacking Biryanis, Kebabs, Chicken tikka Masala, and many more Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian dishes with wholesome gala of flavors in every bite.

Our Core Values

Zaitoon House believes in serving a good quality meal and developing a core cultural values with all the customers. Well if you have not tasted yet, what are you waiting for?  We are located at 2437 W Devon Ave Chicago, Illinois, USA, Grab your seats for our authentic appetizers and gravies which will make you fall in love with this second home.