These Chicken Seekh Kebabs will win your heart

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Zaitoon House in Chicago brings you the ‘Chicken Seekh kebab Roll’, one of our specialties. Our very talented chef Ruqsana, does all the hard work to pull the strings of your heart with these Kebabs. This dish will leave you finger licking and mesmerized with its amazing taste. Once you will have this, you will only wish to have more and really it doesn’t end there because you can never have enough of these tasty rolls.

Chicken is a perfect treat for any occasion, be it small functions, birthday special dishes, a weekend treat or even your evening snack. The variety and blend that chicken offers with almost all types of delicacies makes it very special. Apart from being tasty, eating chicken is very healthy which makes it a perfect combination of ‘Taste and Health’. The best part about any chicken variety is that it can be consumed with different varieties of Naan’s, Chapatis, Breads and Rice. It always depends from person to person, but sometimes many chicken dishes can be served raw with some chopped onions, some coriander wrapped up with a mint chutney.

Few of the many lip-smacking varieties of chicken dishes are ‘Chicken Tikka’, ‘Chicken Tandoori’, ‘Chicken curries’, ‘Chicken Shami kebab’, and of course the tasty and mouthwatering ‘Chicken Kebab’.

There is beautiful mélange of herbs and spices which makes the ‘Chicken Seekh Kebab Rolls’ a must. Here blended chicken (chicken kheema or ground chicken) is mixed with a variety of spices and aromatics which is circularly wrapped around a skewer. The proper blending makes the chicken softer and binds all the ingredients together as one. When it’s ready, the chicken is taken off the skewer and thus your delicious log shaped Seekh kebab is almost ready. In order to impart a smoky flavor, the kebabs are generally grilled over coal fire and really, that’s it.

Your Chicken Kebabs are ready. As compared to mutton and beef, chicken kebab gets prepared very quickly and is comparatively more balanced in terms of calorie intake.

These delicious kebab rolls are mostly served as starters, but sometimes they end up being the Main course. They are tasty, healthy and quickly prepared, that is the best part about this dish, you can have it in whatever way you like and it will always win your heart. They can be served for lunch, your dinner or they can be the answer for your evening snack cravings.

It is easy to prepare dish, and follow these easy steps to make them yourself!! Now, they are served best when grilled over coal fire which adds the special smoky flavor, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered, they can be easily made in your grill pan or your oven.

Let’s begin now; there are just 5 steps to get this done

  • Clean and ground the chicken, add spices, aromatics and herbs in a food processor.
  • Let the mixture set for a while, best way is to take the entire mixture in a bowl and keep it in your fridge, this will help our mixture stick to the skewer.
  • Wrap the mixture around the skewer, press it by using your fingers so that it is wrapped properly and uniformly.
  • Grill it in your oven, pan or stove top and make sure that it is properly cooked. Once ready gently slide them out from the skewer and your delicious kebabs are ready.
  • To wrap it up, garnish it with some lemons, a mint chutney dip would be perfect and decorate it with some onions and coriander. Now, its feast time!!

These kebabs will always be perfect irrespective of the occasion and cuisine; you will be overwhelmed with its aroma and the authentic taste.  We would love to have you at Zaitoon House to enjoy this tasty Kebabs which is just one of the many dishes and Cuisines we offer. So, don’t think visit us anytime and we will be happy to serve you!

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